Travel Guide/Map

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A sampling of the town of Westminster’s 2017 Travel Guide and Map. Twelve information panels on one side and a map on the other fold down to a 4×9 map size to fit into visitor information kiosks. You can see the entire brochure at the Town of Westminster’s website.


Get Share Website


The dedicated website for Share Mobile Payments. The corporate site is focused more on the idea of mobile charitable giving and featuring partner nonprofit organizations. This site is specifically dedicated to the app, as a landing space for those looking for more information.

You can see the entire site at:

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I have jumped on the startup wagon this spring! Helping the fine folks who created the new Share Mobile Payments app with some marketing ideas and assets to get them started. Excited to be included on this talented team, working for a good cause: facilitating mobile charitable donations! My first project was the product logo, of course!

You can download the Share Mobile Payments App here:AppStoreGooglePlay